Thermisia. A beautiful Greek coastal town, part of the municipality Ermionida of the Peloponnese region. Town’s name credited to Dimitra, goddess of agriculture. The goddess was worshiped in the area, where the homonymous Temple named “Thermasia Dimitra” existed.Thermisia is a vast olive grove area starting from the seaside extending up to the mountain slopes of the Aderon mountain range.

Two hundred (200,000) thousand olive trees of dominant varieties of Koutreikis-Manaki with its mild sweet taste and intense aromas, and Koroneiki, which gives excellent spicy, bitter and fruity olive oil with high polyphenols, producing an average of two 2,000 tons of extra virgin olive oil on an annual basis, which has been certified by the European Union as a Protected Designation of Origin Product (PDO Product), bearing the varietal label “KRANIDI ARGOLIDOS”